Temple of Trials

So. A roguelike-wannabe I’m doing now, Temple of Trials. When it’ll be done, it will be a roguelike after Arroyo’s Temple of Trials. Have no idea is this idea would look good as a game, but still, I liked that temple a lot. Decided to write it using “How to Write a Roguelike in 15 Steps” article. Right now it has implemented no time system, no combat, just map of tiles and some monsters moving and bumping (up till step 7).


Moved to the step 9 (items), skipping step 8 - I don’t need data files for now and I don’t think I’ll need it later. Finally done hitting killing monsters (and player), fixed some console bugs, added builder classes for objects, which made generation a lot easier and more readable. Probably should take care of whole messaging system: some messages are supposed to be one-turn messages, like errors or prompts, so there is no need to store them in the game - they should go as for the next turn. Added items (just money) laying on the floor. Cannot pick them up for now, let them just lay.