Pixed 0.7


Pixed is 0.7 version now. It was almost completely rewritten in order to free from Qt stuff and replace it with libchthon and SDL2. Also couple of new features were introduced, such as transparency checkerboard background and copy-paste mode. New pixed font (taken from Miniban) is available.

Copy-paste mode is divided into two steps.


Pixed is a tiny pixel editor with simple interface and keyboard-only (vi-like) control, designed specifically for pixel graphics and XPM files editing. XPM is a simple text format, perfectly suitable to small pixel graphics images. Each XPM file is a syntactycally correct C/C++ code block, which can be inlined as-is into a source file and serve as a easily embedded resourse.

Chthon::Pixmap class from libchthon was designed specifically to handle such inlined images.


Features it support are: