CyberCrawl is running

cybercrawl Conversion is complete, and now Rogue has cyberpunk theme instead of fantasy one. Though almost nothing is changed in the appearance. Changes touched only names of objects. Scrolls became nanodevices, rings - wrist devices, some weapons changed their names. Of course, any ‘magic’ item was turned into ‘technological’ ones. Almost all monsters were given new names, like ‘street kid’ instead of ‘kobold’, ‘smuggle’ instead of ‘snake’. Thinking of name that starts with Q or X is a tough job, I must say. And with all that new names should represent the same qualities of the monster that was in fantasy setting. Leprechone became looter and it still looking for a gold (it called credits now), nymph now called netrunner, but still stealing magic (technological) items. Oh, and magic sticks was turned to guns.