Including XPM files in C++

XPM standard describes image data as static char * xpm_data[] = { .... It works fine in C, but C++ (and C99), but C++ forbid declaring static string constants without const modifier. It would very bad decision to edit XPM files, as it break backward compatibility with old editors/viewers. Also XPM images could be rewritten by image editors.

Easiest solution is to redefine char to const char while including XPM. It is not very good though as it uses macros with all of their drawbacks

#define char const char
#include "icon.xpm"
#undef char

More right (but less portable) solution is to switch off GCC warnings. Obviously, on other platforms there would be another pragmas (if they would be in the first place).

#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wwrite-strings"
#include "icon.xpm"
#pragma GCC diagnistic pop

But the best solution I’ve found is following:

#include "icon.xpm"

It is still should be used with caution. Found here.